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Welcome to the Team Tune Up Program!

A streamlined, cost-effective program designed for teams who have previously experienced team development work but lost momentum and need help getting back on track!

This focused program is designed to provide your team with:

  • Reminders of the numerous tools they can better utilize to immediately improve performance and interactions
  • Tools to recognize and overcome barriers that are keeping team and project performance “stuck”

Help your team more easily:

  • Step up their performance and productivity to a higher level
  • Stay in action after the Team Tune Up program ends
  • Get immediate results:  improved productivity, improved ROI and results your organization needs

Focused.  Inexpensive.  Effective.  2 short sessions:

  • Session 1:  Two-hour, in-person session to refocus your team’s productivity and positivity levels:
    • Re-establish and reinforce forgotten success tools
    • Fine tune and re-energize previously-created team agreements to improve underlying success structure
    • Reinforce and integrate what’s working well
    • Uncover and work through the hidden obstacles to improved productivity
    • Learn impactful new tools that your team can implement immediately
    • Create “next steps” to ensure successful, lasting and more consistent higher performance

  • Session 2:  One-hour, telephone follow-up team session to:
    • Build on and reinforce success tools
    • Break through obstacles that may have arisen while practicing new success behaviors
    • Learn additional customized tools for your team’s specific needs
    • Establish forward motion action steps to help team maintain increased productivity after Team Tune Up program ends


Remember:  teams are human – it’s common for people to lose momentum and fall back into old habits over time, especially without ongoing reinforcement of more effective habits along the way.  Don’t let YOUR team backslide.


Typically, all that most teams need is a little tune up to help them get “unstuck” and remind them of the tools they can utilize to get back on track and back to peak performance levels!



Call us at (510) 482-8987 to learn how YOUR team can get back on track to improve their interactions and communications immediately, even with fewer resources, through the Team Tune Up program!


Note:   This Team Tune Up Program was designed for teams who have previously experienced a team development program and just need a little “tune up” to get back on track.  If your team is new to team development and has not been through a program previously, check out our Jump Start Program.

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