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Budgets are lean and continue to shrink…

Yet your team is still expected to produce the same, and often greater, results.

You still need to hit your numbers and meet project milestones, even though you have fewer resources…


Your budgets for training and performance improvement skill building have been significantly reduced or maybe even eliminated.  You face the daunting task of how to get your team geared up to perform to the levels your organization needs delivered.


In previous years, your team would have ideally benefitted and gained relief from, an offsite team retreat with follow-up support, facilitated by a professional who knew how to provide your team with the skills, insights and tools to learn how to navigate, and overcome this type of challenge.  This type of program would bring the team together, firing on all cylinders, ready to deliver.  Unfortunately, budgets for that kind of comprehensive program are not your current reality.


Your situation may feel frustrating, but it IS possible for your team to perform and deliver at higher levels when the support you need does not seem possible.   We can guide you and your team to hidden capacities that can make it happen!

In response to what you’ve told us about your team’s struggles, we’ve created two exciting new programs to help move your team to higher levels of productivity:


Jump Start Program

  • Is your team being asked to produce results that seem far beyond your stretched means, with no obvious way to come up with the “extra capacity” needed to deliver those results? 


  • Is your team stuck, needing guidance, help and/or tools to get there, but not enough budget to allocate for broader, comprehensive skill building sessions to help your team get there? 
  • Is your team new to working together and needing a solid foundation to be successful for your project and/or work together as a team? 


If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, this program was designed for you!

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for more details about the Goals InSight "Jump Start" program


 Team Tune Up Program

  • Has your team lost their peak productivity level momentum from a previous team development program?
  • Have they reverted to their “old” habits that kept them stuck in unproductive dynamics?

  • Could your team benefit from a quick and focused tune up to get them back on track to the level they were at following their team development work?


If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, this Team Tune Up program was designed for your team (especially teams who have completed team development programs with Goals InSight)!

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for more details about the Goals InSight "Team Tune Up" program

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