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Group Coaching

1.  Coaching for your work team, board of directors and other groups 

Find out what's really happening within your organization so you can plan accordingly to move to the "next level"! 

We will customize a program to best meet your group's needs!

Team Diagnostic Assessment™ and Team Building Sessions

The Team Diagnostic Assessment Tool provides a benchmark for your team and a map for moving forward.  This exciting tool was developed specifically for teams to view their current productivity and positivity factors, so you can see at a glance the areas in which your team excels and those which could be enhanced. 

Productivity factors are strengths which support the team in achieving results, accomplishing tasks and staying on course to reach goals and objectives.  Positivity factors are strengths which focus on the interrelationships between team members and the spirit or tone of the team as a system.  Combined, productivity and positivity are the essential factors that create high performing, sustainable teams. 

See more information about the Team Diagnostic Assessment™ and accompanying team building sessions, along with a sample report.
Needs Assessment / Gap Analysis

A traditional needs assessment can be a helpful starting point to uncover the true gaps between your organization's current and desired states.  Depending upon the challenges you're facing, the needs assessment might include interviews with key stakeholders and/or employees of your organization, as well as other methods of uncovering what is needed next for your organization.  Then, a customized plan is developed to implement the necessary changes in order to move from the current state to your organization's desired state.

Contact us to discuss the challenges you're facing so that we can explore the different ways in which these programs could benefit your organization.

2.  Group coaching for leaders, business owners and other professionals

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