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Strategic Planning and Meeting Facilitation

Are your meetings as effective as you’d like them to be?  Is the time that your participants invest in meetings as productive as it could be?  Would your participants benefit from someone who is unbiased and can see the “bigger picture” when your group gets stuck?

When run effectively, organizational meetings create value for the participants as well as the organization itself.  During effectively facilitated meetings, attendees are inspired to actively participate, every voice is heard and participants are genuinely engaged in the topic.  In addition, specific action items and agreements are made and a specific plan is designed to follow up on each action that includes deadlines and accountability from participants.

Effective strategic planning helps your Leadership Team, Board of Directors and other teams create a plan for optimal organizational success via a facilitated, focused and interactive process.  How strategic are your meetings?  Would an external facilitator help your team focus on the "bigger picture" more easily?

A facilitator from outside of your organization can help your group stay in action, resolve conflicts and elicit greater interaction from the meeting participants.  This is often extremely difficult to do by an internal member of your organization, because that person typically needs to participate in the discussion which conflicts with the facilitation role.  Thus, an outside facilitator can "free up" all of your internal participants to fully participate in the discussions.  In addition, an external facilitator brings an outside/"bigger picture" perspective to your group, which generates tremendous value by opening up the entire group to additional possibilities and opportunities.

Are your meetings being run as effectively as they could be?  If not, contact us to explore how your meetings can be enhanced to achieve your desired results.

Sampling of Strategic Planning Client Success

"Our company was experiencing uncontrolled growth by 300% during the last 3 years.  Management was struggling to keep up.  We needed help to regain control, including guidance on changes in management procedures and a strategic plan to proactively sustain our growth.  


Cheryl gained an instant grasp on our situation and helped us establish dramatic and necessary changes.  Not only do we now have a strategic plan, but our Directors have all experienced a positive change in attitude and common focus.  Our company has substantially changed for the better, thanks to Cheryl’s leadership of our planning efforts."

Rex Daysh, President - California Retaining Walls


”Cheryl’s attention to detail and thoughtful planning laid the groundwork for a very productive day, which empowered the Arts Commission to develop Core Values, a One, Five and Ten Year Vision Plan, a valuable Mission Statement that will enable the Commission to apply for grants and a detailed Action Plan that identifies areas the Commission will focus on this year.  The workshop allowed the Commission to work together as a team to foster new ideas, gave the Commissioners a better appreciation of each other’s backgrounds and valued the productive and organized workshop.  Thank you for facilitating a very fruitful workshop – we really appreciated the structured format and your ability to keep the group focused.”


Bill Foulk, Chairperson - City of Milpitas Arts Commission


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