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Volume XII, Number 2

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A Few Notes From Cheryl

Greetings:   Welcome to our latest edition of Insights, and a warm welcome to all of our new readers! I hope you enjoy this edition’s article – I would love to hear your feedback.

Feature Article:  Year-end Team Appreciation. I hope you enjoy this article containing ideas on how to help your team express their gratitude for one another, as well as utilize the year-end period to start building a solid foundation for a successful new year. Read the full article below...

Appreciation for You:  In the spirit of year-end appreciation, I want to thank each and every one of you, for your continued readership of this newsletter, as well as your referrals to others about the work we do here. Our continued growth and my personal enjoyment of the work we do is enhanced by relationships with you…thank you.

Best wishes for a relaxing, enjoyable holiday season in which you spend time with those most important to you!

Warmest regards,


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Feature Article:  Year-end Team Appreciation

Holiday Gratitude

At this time of year (especially around Thanksgiving in the U.S.), many of us express our thanks and gratitude toward others, particularly in our personal lives. Our pace may slow down a bit, we may spend time with friends and/or family, and we may allow ourselves to experience the magic and the wonder of the holidays before things ramp back up again to our “usual” pace after the New Year.

Team Gratitude and Appreciation

How many of us take that same holiday magic and carve out time to show our appreciation for and with our team members? How many of us schedule year-end team celebrations to have fun together, and talk about our successes this past year?

More often than not, the teams I talk with have not historically done this, primarily because “there is too much work to do” or because “we’re having a company-wide holiday party, so that’s our celebration.”

But, are these really reasons for not showing appreciation with your team? I wonder if some additional perspectives can help.

Reason #1: “We have too much work to do - we don’t have time to stop and celebrate”

This is the reason I hear more than any other about why team celebrations don’t happen. Of course, we are all busy – there is always another project to work on, another initiative to plan for, and/or reorganizations, restructurings, etc. preventing us from being able to get through our entire “to do” list each day.

However, is this a reason to not take time to celebrate with your team all the great work that they’ve been doing? I think not!

Instead of thinking that there is never enough time to celebrate, I invite you to consider these perspectives:

  1. Taking time to build camaraderie and celebrate team successes will pay off in the long run. We all know that intuitively, but we sometimes forget that “success breeds success” – in other words, when team members are recognized for a job well done, they are more engaged and want to continue performing at even higher levels.

  2. Celebrating team successes can be easy and doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Here are some simple, low cost and easy ideas to get you started:

          a.  Potluck lunch

          b.  Ice cream social (you can even do this with virtual teams – everyone brings their favorite ice cream and toppings to a virtual meeting at the designated time)

          c.  Team meeting just to have fun (every team member can bring one fun activity to lead, or a fun quote to read or a fun video to watch, etc.)

          d.  Team meeting solely to acknowledge successes (every team member brings one team “success story” of something that exemplified teamwork during the year)

  3. Integrating team development activities into whatever you do will help propel the team to greater success in the coming year. Here are just a few ideas to get started:

         a.  Hold a simple “What worked well” and “What didn’t work well” this year conversation with your team

          b.  Do a simple “Start” / “Stop” / “Continue” - talk with your team about aspects of the team’s communications and interactions that you want to start, stop and continue in the new year

          c.  Have a “Team Appreciation” discussion – talk with your team about all of the things they appreciate most about the team (and capture these in writing, to refer back to later)

          d.  Be specific – whatever you do with your team, be specific with your acknowledgements and your reasons for celebrating. A general “thank you” is always appreciated, but a more specific “thank you for contributing ___ to our team” is even more appreciated.

So, as you can see, making a small effort for some team appreciation and celebrations can be easy, use only a little amount of time, and the payoffs will be big for future, continued teamwork.

Reason #2: “We’re already having a company-wide (or department-wide) holiday celebration, so we don’t need to do something for our team”

That’s wonderful if there is a “bigger” celebration happening within your organization or department. However, it doesn’t replace the benefits of celebrating and acknowledging your own team, because larger celebrations don’t typically provide opportunities to build relationships at the team level.

So, I invite you to consider some of the ideas above, and talk with your team about what and how THEY want to celebrate – you’ll get some great input, and maybe even some volunteers to help plan and execute the celebration!

What Is Your Next Step?

Whether you are a team leader, project leader, executive or team member / individual contributor, we all can make a difference in the lives and work of others. What is one thing that you will do differently as a result of reading this article, to support your team in a year-end celebration?

If you aren’t sure how to proceed or have questions that you’d like to talk through, you are always welcome to send me an e-mail at cheryl@goalsinsight.com or call me at (510) 482-8987. I look forward to hearing about your successes as well!

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