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Volume ViII, Number 11

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A Few Notes From Cheryl

New InSights delivery this month: In an effort to ensure that more of you who requested InSights actually receive it through your e-mail system, and to streamline the delivery, we are experimenting this month. You will see the usual announcements and notes from me in this message, and you can click on the link below to read the entire version of InSights (including this month’s feature article). Please let us know what you think - we’d love your feedback!

Welcome to new readers: I’d like to extend a warm welcome to all of our new InSights readers who were at the HBA leadership conference, the CSHP conference and PMI events where I have spoken during the past two weeks – it’s a pleasure to have you as part of our community!

November 17 Teleclass:   Join us for “Who Are You as Leader? Clarify Your Intentions and Be The Leader Your Team Needs for Success!” I look forward to you joining us for our next teleclass - see information on our Speaking page for details and to register for this f-r-e-e teleclass – hope to “see” you on the call!

Planning for your new Board in January or February?  If you are a member or leader of a new Board of Directors starting in 2011, now is the time to plan for successful communications and interactions together. Several of you have asked me how to help your Board create a solid foundation for your work together, build accountability structures and have fun doing it! If you’re looking for ideas, feel free to call me at (510) 482-8987 and you can also see details about our Jump Start Program. In just two short sessions, your new Board can Jump Start their way to success!

Feature Article:  Who Are You As Leader? This month’s feature article is an introduction to this month’s teleclass. Enjoy!

Warmest regards,


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Feature Article:  Who Are You As Leader?

I’ve spoken at several conferences and events lately where the topic of leadership styles and authenticity has come up in different ways, so I wanted to introduce this topic in this newsletter and we’ll explore it further during this month’s teleclass.

Leadership Style

I often hear the question “What is the most effective leadership style?” My answer is simply “The style that is authentically YOU.”

Why? Because if you are trying to be someone or something that goes against your core values or the essence of who you really are, it could have a negative impact on you and those around you – you may feel inauthentic at best, and your team will sense that you are trying to be someone you’re not. So, the good news is that perhaps you can keep things simple and just be yourself!

Being Someone We’re Not - Example

So often we think we should be a certain way, so we act the way that we think others are expecting us to act, even if it doesn’t feel authentic to us.

For example, I was coaching a leader who felt that in order to “prove” to her organization that they made the right decision in hiring her, she had to be in control of everything that was happening, show that she was involved in the day-to-day work of her team and appear to “have it all together at all times.”   The reality, though, is that she trusted her team to do good work and wanted to be able to allow them to learn and grow, and at the same time take a step back from the daily tactical issues in order to be more strategic in her role.

Once she realized that being someone that she really wasn’t was hurting her (and burning her out with the long hours!) as well as her team, she met with her team to let them know that she fully trusted them and was there to support them if/when they needed her help, but that she would be taking a less hands-on approach so that she could be more strategic and they could learn and grow.

The result – success all the way around! The team felt like they could grow and learn new things (as well as learn lessons when things didn’t go as well as they had intended), and the leader was more effective (and more well rested!) in her strategic role.

Leaving Ourselves in the Parking Lot - Example

Often, I see leaders who feel like they have to leave their authenticity in the parking lot when they arrive at the office.

For example, I was coaching a leader who felt that he had to leave his spirituality at the door when he entered the office, because he was concerned about what his team would think if they really knew “the real him” and all of the ways in which he led his life at home but not at work. Once he realized that part of his core being was his positive attitude that was rooted in his spiritual beliefs, he realized that he could not keep leaving his soul at the door or in the parking lot.

The result – by him showing up fully as himself and allowing his team members to really know him at his deepest level, his team felt like they could really relate to him as a human being.   And, this leader freed up time and energy not pretending to be someone else! It didn’t matter that they team didn’t share all of his beliefs (although some of the team actually did have some common ground with him when they started talking about it) – that wasn’t the point. The point was that they got to know him as a human being, and as a spirit….and, really, isn’t that what we all are at the end of the day?

Questions to Consider

So, I invite you to ask yourself:

  1. In what circumstances do you act like a leader in a way that doesn’t resonate with your core values or who you really are?

  2. In what circumstances do you leave part or all of who you really are at home or in the parking lot when you arrive at work?

  3. How could being more authentic help your team members to be more authentic themselves?

  4. What is one thing you will do differently to honor who you really are, starting today?

You and your team's success is our priority, so if you need assistance with the process discussed here, give us a call and we can explore how we can support you and your team. Feel free to call me at (510) 482-8987 or send me an e-mail at cheryl@goalsinsight.com - it would be a pleasure to help you become more authentic and thrive in your leadership role!

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Upcoming Workshops

"Who Are You as Leader? Clarify Your Intentions and Be the Leader Your Team Needs for Success"

2010 Teleclass Series

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

12:00 noon - 1:00 pm Pacific / 3:00 pm - 4:00 pm Eastern

During this teleclass you will:

  • Get clarity on WHO you want to be as a leader in order to lead your team to success – it’s time to start bringing ALL of your authentic self into your work!
  • Determine WHAT you need to do differently to be that leader you want to be.
  • Create specific intentions / action plans to break through the obstacles for intentional leadership and teamwork to yield successful results!Uncover the underlying reasons why your virtual or remote team is not performing at optimal capacity

For more details and to register click HERE


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Some teams know that something isn't working, but they don't know exactly what that is or how to improve it. Some organizations hold team building seminars and employee retreats because they know it's time to enhance their teams' productivity and relationships. Do either of those statements describe you/your team? If so, and if you haven't already contacted us to discuss your needs, feel free to give us a call to see if we can help you.

We offer a variety of programs to enhance the performance of your teams as well as improve the ways in which your teams interact, so we invite you to visit our Team Building, Training and Seminar page. This is a great way to show appreciation for your team and enhance their productivity, thereby improving the bottom line for your organization!

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