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Volume VIII, Number 1

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A Few Notes From Cheryl

Last Chance for Audio Workshop Savings: Several days after we sent our readers an e-mail announcement about the new Team Development Audio Workshop Series, we learned that the announcement made it through to only about 15% of you! So, we’ve extended the $29 introductory price for the six-audio program series until the end of this week, Friday January 22. If you or your team could use a tool to help transform your team to greater engagement and better results, feel free to check it out on our Products page.

Upcoming February Teleclass:  “Jump Start Your Team to Success in 2010”: Since we launched the new “Jump Start” program for teams who want to start developing productivity and positivity aspects of their team in a short amount of time, many of you have asked for more details about the program. Of course we’re always happy to talk with you individually about your team’s specific needs. In addition, we will launch our 2010 teleclass series in February with “Jump Start Your Team to Success in 2010” – a primer to learn more about the elements most teams need for success, including further details about our Jump Start program. Stay tuned for details on this class! In the meantime, information about Jump Start is on our Programs page.

Feature Article:   This time of year is filled with new beginnings, which is what I like to focus on in our January InSights edition, but I am struck by the aftermath of the recent earthquake in Haiti and the level of interconnectedness of people from all over the world. I hope you find this month’s feature article impactful, which incorporates both topics: “How interconnected will your team be in 2010?”

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Feature Article:  How interconnected will your team be in 2010?

It’s the beginning of a new year, filled with so much possibility for you, your team and for your organization. At the same time that many teams are contemplating what success will look like in 2010, much of the world has been grappling with the aftermath of last week’s earthquake in Haiti.

One of the worst earthquakes in history occurred, and the impact has been more far reaching in more ways than we even know at this point. My heartfelt condolences go out to those who personally lost family members, friends and colleagues. Even if we did not know someone personally in Haiti, we as a collective world of human beings have been immensely impacted.

I’ve been struck by the level of interconnectedness that has occurred worldwide to help those in Haiti receive food, water, supplies and more. It is this aspect of humanity that I believe is here to teach us all – it feels like we can learn so much about ourselves and our own relationships by looking at potential lessons that might be present right now.

There are some immediate questions that come to mind that I’ll share here – please feel free to utilize any of these with your teams that would be useful, as well as other questions that you think would best serve your team, as your team plans for this year:

  1. What lessons are your team members learning from relief work in Haiti?
    As we see and/or participate in Haiti’s relief efforts, what is here for us to learn about teamwork? Leadership? Humanity? How we are all connected as human beings, regardless of where we live or work in the world? How we treat other human beings? Contributing to the needs of others? The importance of working together collaboratively? These are just a few questions for your team to explore from a respectful / non-judgmental perspective, so that they can incorporate those specific learnings into their own work together as a team this year.
  1. What is the current level of interconnectedness on your team?
    Your team may have a sense of what this is and/or your team may have measured it at some point through an assessment or other process (for those of you who have utilized the Team Diagnostic Assessment with us, you may recall your team’s seven Positivity strengths which exemplify the team’s relationship factors). If you haven’t had a conversation with your team about this topic, now is a great time to talk with your team about their relationships!
  1. What is your team’s desired level of interconnectedness in 2010?
    This is about creating a vision of what’s possible for this year! Ask your team what they want to see with their relationships this year, in order for them to be as productive and successful as possible. Ask them to be very specific, and capture these aspects of the team’s vision for 2010. You may also want to use this dialogue to create a set of team agreements with your team, if this is something you haven’t done before.
  1. What other questions come to your mind and from your team as you meet with your team to create a successful foundation for 2010? Be sure to incorporate those as well in your team’s conversations! Some of you may have already held a kickoff meeting with your team to create this year’s common vision and team agreements, in which case you can hold the above discussions the next time you have a follow-up team meeting to check in on how well your agreements are working. Some of you may be planning your team’s 2010 kickoff meeting, in which case this could be a great way to start the dialogue. Regardless of where your team is currently with their planning, I hope these questions are useful to you and your team in some way. If your team would best be served by an outside facilitator with team development expertise, it would be a pleasure to talk with you to see if we can help. To your success in 2010!

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Upcoming Workshops

“Beyond the Healthcare Project: 5 Critical Factors for Your Team's Success"

Project Management Institute – Sacramento Valley Chapter
Monday, February 1, 2010

Speaking sessions at 10:15, 11:30, 1:45 and 3:00
California State University Sacramento - Sacramento, CA

Whether you are a project manager in health care or are considering getting into health care, during these sessions you will learn the critical success factors for project teams in health care! Join us for lively and interactive panel discussions that include Cheryl Mann, Team Development Specialist and President of Goals InSight.

For more details and to register click HERE!


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Some teams know that something isn't working, but they don't know exactly what that is or how to improve it. Some organizations hold team building seminars and employee retreats because they know it's time to enhance their teams' productivity and relationships. Do either of those statements describe you/your team? If so, and if you haven't already contacted us to discuss your needs, feel free to give us a call to see if we can help you.

We offer a variety of programs to enhance the performance of your teams as well as improve the ways in which your teams interact, so we invite you to visit our Team Building, Training and Seminar page. This is a great way to show appreciation for your team and enhance their productivity, thereby improving the bottom line for your organization!

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